Laser Declaw Surgery

Laser surgery is the most humane method of declawing. There are presently only a few hospitals in Pinellas county that offer laser declawing, we are happy to be able to offer it to you.

  • There is virtually no bleeding. No bandaging is needed to control hemorrhaging and no long hospital stay.
  • There is reduced pain. Patients are up walking within hours of the procedure.
  • Laser declawing is the only way we will declaw a grown cat at this hospital.

AGE: The best age to declaw a kitten is around 10 weeks. At this age recovery time is very quick. As the cat ages and the feet get bigger, laser is the most humane way of declawing. A CO2 laser is the ideal tool for declawing at any age. The laser is able to control all bleeding and to minimize the pain the cat feels after surgery.

DAY 1: The cat needs to be dropped off between 7 and 7:30 am on an empty stomach (no food after midnight), water is OK. At this time, pre anesthetic blood testing is done. The nail is removed with CO2 laser, which cauterizes the vessel. The cat is usually up and walking within an hour post surgery. Antibiotics and an injection for pain is given.

DAY 2: An antibiotic is administered. We will usually discharge your pet on this day if your cat needs to stay an additional day -- there is no charge. A bag of "Yesterday's News", a recycled paper product, will be sent with you to use as litter.

Declawing may be done in combination with a spay or neuter.

Cats only use the front feet to scratch furniture, so it is advisable to declaw only the front feet. This allows the cat to use its rear nails for scratching itself. Rear feet will be declawed only upon request.