If you have decided to breed your pet and need assistance, there are many ways that we can help. The biggest key to success for dog breeding is determining the right time to breed. This is done primarily through the use of a progersterone, or hormone assay. Vaginal cytology may also aid in predicting the best time to breed.

As they say, “Timing is everything!”

Methods of Artificial Insemination

The basis of artificial insemination is to enhance the bitch's chance of conceiving and present you with the puppies you desire. Dr. Katherine Murphy and her highly trained staff will be more than happy to consult with you concerning the best method of artificial insemination for your individual bitch.

If breeding has taken place, we can confirm the presence of live fetuses with the use of our ultrasound machine. The pregnancy must be at least 4 weeks along to do this. Normal gestation is 9 weeks. X–rays may be taken 1 week before delivery in order to count the puppies and evaluate the birth canal diameter for passage of the pups.